A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a sentient iceberg man washed up on a tropical shore.

Get as far as you can before you melt.

The shade is your friend.

*May contain ice puns* (currently 25 to be precise...)

Developed by Matej Navara (@matej_navara) during the week long Pirate Jam 2017 sailing the Andaman Sea of Thailand with awesome developers from around the globe.

Have a look at the trailer for PirateJam 2017 below:

The theme of the jam was impermanence, though it initially seemed like quite a sad theme I wanted to put a more comical spin to it. There is as much joy as there is sorrow in impermanence, just ask Frosty the No Man.

Very quick and simple prototype game, any feedback would be much appreciated. I may update, release on other platforms and/or develop a little further depending on the response. Happy melting.

UPDATE - 23/08/20:

Also accidentally entered for Kenney Jam 2020... I miss-clicked the project on last minute rushed submit without realising 😅Technically still uses only Kenney assets though! ✨

The theme of "Cursed" is oddly fitting for our poor Frosty the No Man. 


Frosty-the-No-Man(32bit).zip 15 MB
Frosty-the-No-Man(64bit).zip 16 MB
Frosty-the-No-Man(Linux).zip 30 MB
Frosty-the-No-Man(macOS).app.zip 29 MB

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